Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, 30th April 2007

Hello all
I'm ready - thank you for your patience.
Please continue commenting.
Best regards.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sat, 28th April 2007

Dear readers
I'm moving onto another blog which I've been busy updating.
Bear with me for a few more days and I will give you all the new name
(it's not far from this one!).
See you all soon!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tues, 17th Apr 2007

After breakfast, we went to Landmark and spent almost 1.5 hrs at T's.... ( J emerged with 4 boxes with white ribbons around them ). We then went to a supermarket which sells foie gras, kobe and wagyu beef, a lot of cooked food, sushis, etc - very interesting. I bought some jelly beans for M & H. We were snackish again after that and Mum brought us here:

to have wantan noodles:

and beef brisket:
and black sesame and red bean with lotus seed desserts:

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tues, 17th Apr 2007

Dim Sum........ super fresh ingredients and steamed on order.. so yummy...

Chicken Feet (2 orders), steamed beef balls (2 orders), prawn dumplings, bbq meat buns, siew mai with abalone (2 orders), squid cake, fish cake, black sesame seed ball with peanut coating, bbq meat (so crunchy)

Washed down with pots and pots of tea. Walked off by 6 hours of shopping.

Tues, 16th Apr 2007

Mum made my favourite porridge for dinner tonight. It's made with dried unsalted fish, salted ribs, whole peanuts, dried scallops and century eggs (again)!

Sat, 14th Apr 2007

Typical breakfast - porridge with century eggs and salted meat.

chee cheong fun with the softest beef ever
Rice dumplings or joong (the Cantonese way with plain glutinous rice/skinless mung beans, a bit of meat - some have mushrooms, dried shrimps, salted duck yolks in them.
All from a little eatery 2 mins from Mum's place.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sat, 21st Apr 2007

I had lunch at Z's house today.

Here's their cat sunning himself on the window sill.

We had her mum's famous mee siam with all the condiments - hardboiled eggs, chives, fried tofu cubes, prawn sambal, lime and the delicious bean paste gravy......

We also had beef rendang, daging masak kicap/chillies/onions, nasi beryani, acar, lentil curry and chicken wings.

Here is the lunch table with food for 3 (her mum joined us later, we were still eating when she finished).

After lunch we sat down and had several slices each of this rich butter cake (I was given a box to take home - thank you!). Z had a massive mug of coffee while I had tea.......

and I ask myself why I have put on more weight lately?.... :D

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'll just stray from the topic of food momentarily and show you my shopping loot.

Plain cotton top ( a bit crumpled as I wore it today ), sleeveless T with lace details, turquoise T with beading, versatile (slimming)black wrap T
Linen chocolate work jacket, silk tunic with wide sash, turquoise linen top with wooden beads, Laura Ashley 'demure' blouse

Crushed velvet sleeveless top, camisoles - white beaded, black lace, white lace and brown top
Coast drop waist skirt with crochet flowers, M & S denim skirt, 'Pucci' look skirt, NEXT wrap multi-patchwork skirt (also crumpled, I wore it today with the cotton top, top left - with 4 inch denim wedges)
(detail of the cream skirt)

Ann Taylor 3 tier skirt with small ruffle between each tier, Coast navy blue skirt with cream details, black and gold lace skirt with black beading/embroidery, cream skirt with black embroidery/beading (my black wrap top above will be perfect with 3 of these skirts)

White low waist crop pants (so comfy), linen khaki pants with flower cut outs front and back - I call these my fatty girl pants cos they are baggy and comfy and perfect for weekends.

And if you thought I was all shopped out with the recent buys, yesterday I just had to grab this dress from Butik Eileen Chen at the Mall - Oasis super tight elastane dress with zigzag hem and flower on hip - they told me it was the only one, just out of the box, and it was a 12 - ok, it's a 'bit' tight but I'll soon lose the weight, very soon - you'll see :P
And as I was waiting for Eve (Joe Jen Salon), I stopped to have a chat with the man who was selling knick knacks from China near Eve's salon and I reluctantly bought this lovely red stone necklace. In my butchered Mandarin, I knocked the price down from $50 to $30 - I'm not sure if this was a good buy but I love it .... Eve said it was as the workmanship was quite detailed and the stones were real, not plastic... and the man told me there were well over 300 stones in this necklace.

Nice with white tunic top and jeans? Or white work shirt/black flare pants?

Whatibought2day - feel free to repost this in your blog if you wish.

Sat, 14th Apr 2007

Coming soon - Mum's home cooking and seafood......

Monday, 16th Apr 2007

And this is what we dream off here when we think of HK. A delicious sticky plate of beef brisket noodles - ngau lam meen - the gelatinous pieces are beef tendon. We had this three times, twice with noodles in the same restaurant, once without in another restaurant.

The noodles have an elastic quality to them, perfectly al dente and springy, the beef tender with a light hint of star anise & dried orange peel. The vegetables still green, fresh and firm and the gravy - so tasty and sticky....

I remember reading in Kats blog about her search for beef brisket some time back, I wonder if this is what you are looking for?

More Roast Goose/Geese - Fri, 13th Apr 2007

A common sight in any HK restaurant - rows of roast goose, duck, steamed chicken, soy chicken, roast meats, etc.

This is a pic of the geese whole;

and on the table......

p.s From upper left you can see the chicken/meats from the soup, the lobster noodles, deep fried pigeon and the roast goose in the front.